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Youth Programs


GNAHEC inspires youth to choose a career in the health professions with our health career camps, mentoring programs, college preparatory courses and more. We focus on recruiting more minority and disadvantaged youth into health careers because research and experience indicate they will be more likely to care for the medically underserved. As our population becomes more diverse, it is important that our health care workforce reflects that diversity. The fundamental goal of GNAHEC’s Health Career Expeditions is to develop and implement opportunities that are designed to expose students to health careers, to assist these students in entering a career in health, and encourage them to work in underserved areas. This RFP is available to organizations interested in offering a health career expeditions project to recruit students into health careers


GNAHEC coordinates Health Careers Camps in partnership with local healthcare systems. Camps provide high school students interested in health careers a rare and unique opportunity to explore a variety of health occupations through visits with healthcare professionals, hands-on activities, and tours of healthcare facilities. These experiences help students learn from health professionals, increases their knowledge about healthcare, and motivates the students to develop effective short and long term educational and career plans.


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