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Tobacco Citation Classes for Youth

Gulfcoast North Area Health Education Center, Inc. is partnering with the Florida Department of Health in Pasco and the Pasco County School Resource Officers to provide Tobacco Citation Classes for underage youth with tobacco/vaping products in their possession on school campuses in Pasco County.

Youth who receive a tobacco citation are required to take the two-hour virtual class via Zoom in order to remove holds on their driver’s license.  Students pay $20 to attend the class and after completion of the class the student submits the certificate.  The student will then need to provide the certificate to the Pasco County Clerk of Court and pay the fine to remove the hold.

Click Below to Pay for Your Citation Class.

Classes are typically held once a month.  Youth will learn about the effects tobacco/vaping products have on their body at such a young age, as well as resources they can utilize to free them of their dependency.

Registration is required. For more information or to register your child for the citation class, please contact Andrea Daigle, Tobacco Treatment Specialist at 813-929-1000.