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Continuing Education &
Conference Coordination

Continuing Education

GNAHEC supports local health care by providing continuing education programs to meet health providers’ professional development needs and retain them in the communities who need them most. GNAHEC offers accredited, high quality continuing education, professional and technical support to individual health professionals and health organizations who work with the medically underserved in our five-county service area. These programs are designed to enhance clinical skills and help maintain professional certifications. Continuing education credits are available for professionals in the medical, nursing, dietetic and mental health fields. Methods of instruction include live and telephone conferences, home study and various types of workshops.

Conference Coordination

GNAHEC offers professional conference coordination services at a reduced cost to organizations serving the health needs of our service area. Conference services offered by GNAHEC include the following and can be provided as a bundle or as separate services to meet the specific needs of the organization.

• Program Development
• Program Administration
• Continuing Education
• Marketing
• Financial Administration
• Registration
• On-Site Coordination
• Program Evaluation
• Post-program assessment and debriefing


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