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About Healthcare Provider Training

Since July 2007, the Florida AHEC Network has received funding from the Florida Legislature as part of the constitutionally-mandated appropriation to the Florida Department of Health’s comprehensive anti-tobacco program. This funding has been used to develop and successfully implement a statewide program that reduces the use of tobacco by delivering effective, evidence-based tobacco cessation services in local communities, and training programs for healthcare professionals.

As a result, GSAHEC has trained numerous health professions students and healthcare providers from a wide range of disciplines to effectively address tobacco use and dependence with their patients, and provided tobacco cessation services to thousands of tobacco users in Charlotte, DeSoto, Manatee and Sarasota counties.

Healthcare Provider Referrals

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends that all healthcare providers treat tobacco dependence in their practices. An intervention lasting as little as three minutes can have a significant impact on individual treatment outcomes. As a doctor or healthcare professional, your influence can help inspire your patients to quit smoking and live longer, healthier lives.

Sessions Cover:

• Nicotine addiction and medications that help
• Planning for the quit date
• Anticipating triggers
• Overcoming cravings
• Relapse prevention

All groups offer free nicotine replacement therapy (while supplies last), educational materials, supplemental materials for quit day, and follow-up support. We address all forms of tobacco.

You can make a difference. Download the Provider Referral form here, complete it with tobacco dependent patients, and submit via fax or email to the program of choice.