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Margie Day, DHS, MS, MHSc, TTS, CHES

Margie Day has been working in the field of health education and promotion for over 15 years. Currently, she is the Tobacco Program Manager for GNAHEC. She is an experienced educator, tobacco treatment specialist, and researcher with a Doctorate in Health Science, a Master’s in Health Education and Behavior, and another Master’s in Health Science. Currently, Margie is a doctoral student at the University of Miami pursuing a doctorate in Applied Learning Science. Her focus is behavior change and the role health education and health literacy have on health outcomes. She became a Certified Health Education Specialist in 2020 and a certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist in 2021. Her passion is to empower populations to engage in behaviors that can lead to long-term improvements in health. Her focus is strengthening our community through impactful cessation services to improve community health through combined and coordinated community-based efforts. She began this journey in health education 15 years ago and now dreams of fostering partnerships to increase quality cessation services. 

Margie has a passion for health education, but on the side, she also enjoys boating, hiking, and traveling with her family and their dog Mr. Bean.  

A Walter Isaacson quotation best illustrates Margie’s professional philosophy: “It’s about doing something larger than yourself. It’s about serving this world, helping others.”